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Bridgescape: The Art of Designing Bridges

This is a highly visual guide to understanding and achieving elegance in the design of bridges. Included are numerous photographs of examples and diagrams showing both what to do and what not to do, along with their implications for the engineering. Detailed case studies of recent bridges provide real-world coverage, with an emphasis on the relationship between community aspirations, context sensitive solutions, engineering challenges and cost. The book's large 8" x 11" size makes the photos and diagrams easy to understand and apply. The coverage includes:

  • Discussion of the “whys” behind the various recommendations.
  • Integration of Context Sensitive Design/Context Sensitive Solutions (CSD/CSS) into the design process.
  • Information on the place of Bridge Aesthetics in Environmental Impact Statements.
  • Material on movable bridges.
  • Ways to respond to the challenges of construction.

Now in its second edition, Bridgescape has become the standard reference on aesthetics for bridge designers. Engineering professors and their students have used it in courses on bridge design. Community leaders, elected officials and others interested in bridge design have also found its insights helpful in resolving bridge designs in their communities.