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Liberty Bridge over the Reedy River Liberty Bridge over the Reedy River Liberty Bridge over the Reedy River

Liberty Bridge over the Reedy River

Greenville, SC

The Liberty Bridge unites the two halves of Greenville’s redeveloping downtown by connecting two urban plazas on each bluff, while helping revitalize the park surrounding the falls of the Reedy River.  At the site the valley has very steep sides. Between the river’s edge and the rocky slopes there are only a few suitable locations for foundations.  The two plazas at each end had to be located to fit the city’s urban renewal plans. These conditions largely dictated the location and height of the two towers and the curve of the bridge.

The bridge is supported by a single suspension cable. Suspenders connect the cable to the deck. All of the suspenders are on the outside of the curve away from the falls. As a result the bridge is a kind of aerial amphitheater facing the falls. It provides an experience of the falls particularly appreciated by the elderly and handicapped, who have no other way to enjoy the river. The park is now a green refuge in the city’s center, in spite of the significant urban redevelopment that has occurred on either side. The bridge is the main attraction for many people visiting the area, demonstrating the “branding” aspect of an iconic form and its value in catalyzing both urban renewal and park redevelopment.

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"It's an ultra lightweight bridge; it almost looks like it's floating on air."

Chris Britton, Contractor

Arthur G. Hayden Award, 2005 Pittsburgh International Bridge Conference
Special Purpose Bridge Award 2005, National Steel Bridge Alliance.