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Weber Point Pedestrian Bridges

Stockton, CA

Stockton has made the redevelopment of the waterfront areas around its harbor, and especially around the Stockton and Fremont Channels, the focus of its downtown plans. The areas immediately adjacent to the channels have been redeveloped with the Stockton Events Center arena, the Stockton Ports' baseball stadium and a major hotel, with a marina still to come. Weber Point Park, which splits the channels, has been rebuilt as an urban park with a large band shell and generous landscaping. These developments have significantly increased demand for pedestrian crossings of the two channels to interconnect Weber Point Park with all of the new uses

The city wants to keep the Events Center and the Weber Point band shell the visual focal points of the area, so the visual goal for the bridges was to make them attractive connecting structures that would blend into the site, not take it over. Also, the Fremont Channel bridge has to provide 20 feet of vertical clearance for yacht traffic into the new marina while still being accessible to those with disabilities. To meet these goals two low arch bridges are proposed. The gentle rise of the arches complements the low mounds of the park, while the arches form gateways to the channels when seen from the harbor. The form allows the arches themselves to become become parts of the access ramps, thereby minimizing the impact of the ramps on the new development and park.

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