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Corpus Christi Harbor Corpus Christi Harbor Corpus Christi Harbor Corpus Christi Harbor Corpus Christi Harbor Corpus Christi Harbor Corpus Christi Harbor Corpus Christi Harbor Corpus Christi Harbor

Corpus Christi Harbor

Corpus Christi, TX

For reasons of aerodynamic and structural efficiency and ease of inspection the bridge deck would be split into two halves with a 25 ft. gap between them through which the towers protrude. The split in the dual mast towers reflects and extends the gap in the deck. Each deck would be supported by two planes of stays, one on each edge. Each pair of cable planes would visually enclose the space above its side of the deck, forming a three dimensional volume that would provide a striking visual experience for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

The pedestrian/bicycle path would incorporate belvederes at the towers and at the ends of the cable-supported bridge that would provide captivating views of Corpus Christ's Downtown, the Harbor, and the Gulf of Mexico.

The aesthetic lighting proposal makes extensive use of programmable LED fixtures to light four main features of the bridge: the towers themselves, with particular emphasis on the slots between the tower halves, the four cable planes, with each plane programmable separately, and "necklace' lighting along the outer edges of the deck extending across the entire cable supported span. The system would allow different color combinations that could include, for example, traditional colors of different holidays, the colors of Corpus Christi's minor league baseball team or special colors for civic events. The system would also allow for dynamic affects, such as bands of different colors moving across the bridge.

The project includes extensive reconstruction of I-37, US-181 and Tx-286, the three main freeways in the Corpus Christi area as well as the I-37 entrance into Downtown. The teams organized this work into four corridors defined by the characteristics of their adjoining neighborhoods. Bridge details, retaining wall themes and landscaping plans were developed to fit into these neighborhoods.

The project will be built through a Design/Build/Operate agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation. Mr. Gottemoeller assisted the bridge architectural staff of HDR Engineering in developing the aesthetic concepts for the team's proposal and writing the team's Aesthetic Plan. The team's proposal was not chosen for construction.

  • Total Project Length: 5.5 miles
  • Harbor Bridge: Length: 2820 ft. Width: 176 ft. Spans: 650 ft.,1520 ft., 650 ft.
  • Approach Viaduct Spans: Varies, 185 ft max.
  • Estimated Project Cost: $730 million
  • Estimated Year of Completion: 2018
  • Bridge Design: HDR Engineering and International Bridge Technologies
  • Aesthetic Lighting: Illumination Arts
  • Design/Build/Operate Joint Venture Leader: Archer Western
  • Owner: Texas Department of Transportation

Photo Credits: HDR Engineering and International Bridge Technologies