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Route 47 over the Missouri River Route 47 over the Missouri River Route 47 over the Missouri River Route 47 over the Missouri River Route 47 over the Missouri River Route 47 over the Missouri River Route 47 over the Missouri River

Route 47 over the Missouri River

Washington, MO

Bridges across this part of the Missouri River are spaced at intervals averaging about 15 miles, making this bridge critical for both the town of Washington and the surrounding region. The town is both the region's commercial center and the location of its general hospital. Given the importance of the bridge and its central location in the community, the Missouri Department of Transportation established an Enhancement Committee to guide the design of the bridge, particularly with regard to its appearance and its associated amenities. Representatives of the city, county, Mercy Hospital, historic preservation groups and the business community were included on the committee. The committee asked that the bridge have a distinctive appearance when seen from the downtown, so that the new bridge is as strong a symbol as the old, and that it make available views from the bridge to downtown. The also emphasized that all of this should be achieved within budget, using a phrase well - recognized within the community, "German Simple", to articulate what they meant.

For both overall economy and to simplify the appearance of the piers, the bridge will be supported by five lines of haunched weathering steel plate girders. The back span girders extend to the riverside tree line giving the part of the bridge visible from the river a flowing continuity of line. The pier columns are connected and stabilized by the pointed arches, which are both structurally efficient and attractive. The town's riverfront trail passes under the bridge and provides close-up views of the piers. The overlook will be supported by secondary steel brackets from the upstream fascia girder.

To reflect the architectural traditions of the town, railings were developed which incorporated the pointed arch motif of the piers while being transparent to drivers and pedestrians so that they can enjoy views from the bridge, especially toward the downtown.

Mr. Gottemoeller led the interactions with the Enhancement Committee, developed the overall concept for the girders, piers and overlook, provided aesthetic advice to the engineering team and supervised the development of the railings and other aesthetic details.

Final engineering design is complete and the bridge will be advertised for bids in the Spring of 2016.

  • Length: 2645 ft.
  • Width: 58 ft.
  • Main Spans: 2 @ 500 ft., Back Spans 2 @ 385 ft.
  • Estimated Cost: $47 million.
  • Year of Completion: Not established
  • Design Engineers: HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • Associated Architect: David Lisle
  • Aesthetic Lighting: lllumination Arts
  • Owner: Missouri Department of Transportation

Photo Credits: HDR Engineering, Inc. and David Lisle