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Dodridge Street over the Olentangy River Dodridge Street over the Olentangy River Dodridge Street over the Olentangy River Dodridge Street over the Olentangy River Dodridge Street over the Olentangy River Dodridge Street over the Olentangy River

Dodridge Street over the Olentangy River

Columbus, OH

Since the bridge serves as a gateway into the Olde North neighborhood, the community wanted an attractive bridge that fit into the neighborhood and the park-like setting. Given a choice between concrete and steel options, they chose concrete.

The bridge serves one traffic lane and one bicycle lane in each direction. It also serves a large number of special needs individuals who use its sidewalks to get to a nearby bus stop. To ensure their safety, an 8' wide sidewalk is provided separated from the roadway by low concrete barrier walls, and lighting is provided that covers both the roadways and the sidewalks.

The structural system consists of four three-span post-tensioned custom precast concrete "tub" girders. Only the center span is visible. The two short end spans are hidden in the abutments and are anchored there with steel strands extending from their ends into the bedrock. The tie-down anchors provide the stability for the bridge, which would otherwise sag in the center span because of the thinness of the girders at that point. The girders were precast in three segments and post-tensioned together. The construction required a careful sequencing of the posttensioning and tie-down forces as dead load was applied to ensure that the girders were stable throughout all stages of construction and at no time overstressed.

An arched shadow line on the face of the girder complements the arched appearance and reduces the apparent depth of the girder. It is created by a six-inch increase in the thickness of the webs of the fascia girders. The railings are designed without posts, relying on the collective strength of the balusters for their support. This design makes the railing seem more transparent to drivers and pedestrians on the bridge as well as to pedestrians and bicyclists on the trail below.

To both reduce costs and achieve environmental goals the tan sandstone blocks of the previous abutments were recycled to provide a retaining/flood wall between the Greenway and the river.

Mr. Gottemoeller developed the overall shapes and aesthetic features of the structural system and designed the railings and other architectural details.

The project was constructed under a design-bid-build procurement in which both the conceptual and final design and the construction plans were prepared by Mr. Gottemoeller and the engineering team.

  • Length: 256 ft.
  • Width: 75 ft.
  • Main Span: 220 ft.
  • Project Cost: $7,520,000
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Design Engineer: Janssen and Spaans Engineering, Inc.
  • Engineer of Record: E. L. Robinson, Engineering
  • Owner: Franklin County Engineer's Office

Photo Credits: E. L. Robinson, Engineering