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Bridges Speak To Us

Bridges Speak to Us

They speak to us about the places they are or the places they take us. They speak to us about travel: the new wonders to be seen, the money to be made, the time to be saved, the excitement of the crossing. They speak to us about the skill of their designers and the courage of their builders. Above all, they speak to us about the values and aspirations of the communities, organizations and persons who build them. Bridges do more than just span physical barriers and connect previously separated people and places. Many bridges have immense symbolic importance. They come to stand for a region's or a culture's creativity, wealth and ambition. The design must respond to all of those values.

"We can't tell you how to build this bridge; all we ask is that, when it is completed, it is deserving of being blessed."

Chief of a First Nation Tribe, commenting on a proposed bridge near a tribal burial site in Kingston, Ontario